A Manhattan allergist will help you identify the substances around the city that you are allergic to as he or she has done specialized training in the evaluation and treatment of all types of allergies and also in evaluation and treatment of asthma. Effective control and treatment of asthma requires skill, patience and planning. Allergists will develop a treatment plan that will address your specific condition with the aim of improving your quality of life. The challenge for many people is choosing the best allergist in the city, yet this is a crucial starting point.

Why See an Allergist

Some of the reasons to see an Allergist include:

  • To have allergy tests performed to determine the nature of allergens responsible for you allergic reaction.
  • To have allergy shots (or drops) administered to enable the body to tolerate the allergens they are allergic to.
  • When you are in need of prescription medicine for the treatment of both allergies and asthma.
  • When you would like to take preventive measures against factors that trigger the allergies.

What to Look for in Manhattan’s Allergists

If you have found yourself in this dilemma, consider the following tips when choosing your Manhattan Allergist:

  • Ensure that the allergist you choose is board certified by checking online to see if they are certified by The American Board of Allergy and Immunology (ABAI). This certification is a guarantee that they have gone through the requisite training and passed the specialty exam.  Most doctors hang their board certificates in their offices. Ultimately, do not depend on the allergists flashy websites alone.
  • Diversity and experience. Ensure that your choice of Manhattan allergist is experienced in the area of immunology and allergy.
  • Convenience is key. Choose a location that is easy to access whenever the need arises. In addition, the doctor should also be reachable by phone or through their website.

Questions to Ask Your Manhattan Allergist

The allergist will examine you and ask questions regarding  your medical and family history generally and with regard to allergies and asthma prior to creating a treatment plan. Some questions that may arise with regard to your allergy evaluation are as follows:

  • What tests will be done to determine  your allergies?
  • What should you expect from the treatment and after how long should you expect to see the results?
  • Is there anything that you can change in your lifestyle, diet or environment to prevent the allergy symptoms?
  • What are the side effects associated with the prescription medicine that you will be taking?
  • How severe are your allergies or asthma?
  • How long will the treatment last?

Overall, a Manhattan allergist will not only diagnose your allergies and prescribe the appropriate medication but will also advise you how to minimize the occurrence of your allergies. Treatment may also include allergy shots, which stimulate your immune system, to adjust to the offending allergens and relieve your allergies on a long term basis.