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    Dr. Bassett on Wall Street Journal Video – Study: Introducing Peanuts Early Could Deter Allergies

Dr. Bassett on Wall Street Journal Video – Study: Introducing Peanuts Early Could Deter Allergies

An anticipated study finds that feeding infants peanuts in the first year of life may prevent allergies in later childhood. Allergy expert Dr. Clifford Bassett discusses.
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Pet Allergies

Pet allergies refer to the body’s allergic reaction to animal proteins that may be present in the saliva, skin cells or urine. In most cases, this kind of allergy is triggered by exposure to pet dander. Generally, any animal with fur like dogs, horses, cats and rodents can cause an allergic reaction. There are several treatments available, including immunotherapy (allergy shots or drops)  to help those who are pet allergic live happily with their pets. Symptoms of pet allergies Pet allergies present several symptoms that include the following: Runny nose Sneezing Itchy, watery or […]

Allergic to Love?

Valentines Day is upon us.  This time of the year we all look forward to cuddling with the one we love. But there could be something standing in the way of that romantic rendezvous: allergies.  Millions of Americans suffer from a myriad of allergic conditions, such as food, seasonal and/or skin allergies. Being allergic to love may seem counterintuitive, but according to a recent study published in Allergy and Asthma Proceedings, allergy sufferers reported more problems with sleep and sexual activity than other groups. In fact, 83 percent of people with […]
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    Dr. Bassett Comments on Allergies in Top 10 Environmental Health Stories of 2014

Dr. Bassett Comments on Allergies in Top 10 Environmental Health Stories of 2014

Ebola, Water Quality and Allergies are among the top 10 environmental health stories of 2014.“We’ve had record warm days, and as of result of that, greater healthier plants pollinating, record pollen counts and so forth,” he said of 2014. It also makes reactive plants, such as poison ivy, grow faster and become more toxic, he added.  Read Dr. Bassett’s take on allergies here.

9 Ways To Have Allergy-Free Holidays

In this helpful Fox News article, Dr. Bassett breaks down the  9 Ways To Have Allergy-Free Holidays.  You should be sure to read it carefully and more importantly, take action on these tips to ensure the minimization of allergy triggers for you and family and friends who come to visit!  Read the article.

Food Allergies

Food allergies can either be mild or serious and occur when the immune system considers proteins present in food as a threat. There are certain foods that are associated with most food allergies, although food allergies can be caused by just about any food. Some of these “high allergy” foods include eggs, milk, peanuts, fish, crustaceans, shellfish and tree nuts (like brazil nuts, walnuts, pistachios and almonds) as well as others. In infants, food allergies can manifest in the form of eczema. Symptoms of Food Allergies Allergic reactions generally occur two hours or more after ingesting a particular food. Some of […]

Visiting and Asthma: When Relatives Own a Cat

Dr. Bassett’s column in Allergic Living may be especially helpful to those traveling this holiday season.  When relatives have cats, here is what you need to know: “As always, your best offense is a good defense.  Trying to reduce the amount of pet allergen in an indoor space is tricky.” Read more

A Manhattan Allergist Can Make Living In The City Easier

A Manhattan allergist will help you identify the substances around the city that you are allergic to as he or she has done specialized training in the evaluation and treatment of all types of allergies and also in evaluation and treatment of asthma. Effective control and treatment of asthma requires skill, patience and planning. Allergists will develop a treatment plan that will address your specific condition with the aim of improving your quality of life. The challenge for many people is choosing the best allergist in the city, yet this is a crucial starting point. Why See an Allergist Some of […]

A Gluten Allergy vs. Celiac Disease

Gluten-free diets are all the rage, but for thousands of Americans with celiac disease, the need for internal well-being is far more than a weight loss gimmick. Yet diagnosis of celiac disease is notoriously hard to pin down. We discuss why. In this video on Huff Post Live, originally aired on November 19, 2014, Dr. Clifford Bassett discusses gluten allergies and cliac disease.  Learn more by watching the full video.

Dr. Bassett Answers Food Allergy Questions on Sharecare

Check out Dr. Clifford Bassett’s Q&A on Sharecare as he answers questions such as, “What are some foods with hidden dairy products?” and “How can I figure out if I have a dairy allergy?“. The Q&A videos filmed with Dr. Bassett in Dr. Oz’s studio greenroom in September during his recent appearance filmed on dairy allergies are now live on Sharecare.