Food allergies are dangerous and sometimes can be life-threatening. To avoid a potentially hazardous situation, it’s important, especially with children, to be aware of what the common food allergies are and the kinds of food that contain these allergens. We spoke with Dr. Clifford Bassett, a food allergy specialist, who helped us compile a list of some of the most prevalent food allergies.

Dr. Bassett rounded up seven of the most common food allergies that you should watch out for. Some of the items listed can be disguised in other foods and you might not even realize that you’re eating them. For example, if you are allergic to milk, did you know you should read the label for canned tuna? Read on for some of Dr. Bassett’s tips for how to avoid common food allergies and to learn where some allergens might be hiding. His advice for anyone with food allergies is to always “ask before the first bite.”


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