Best Allergist NYC Reviews

I would highly recommend allergy shots! After receiving these injections I can watch pollen swirl in the air, and I have absolutely no sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy throat, nasal stuffiness or cough. I can finally enjoy spring in NYC. ~ Vitals

I was recently referred to Dr. Bassett by my primary care physician and was so happy with my visit. He looked at my entire medical history to help me solve a complex allergy problem. He truly is an allergy detective and I’ve been feeling much better under his care. His staff is friendly and caring and his offices are modern and well kept. I’ve been consistently recommending Dr. Bassett to my family and friends and they’ve all had wonderful experiences. Thank you Dr. Bassett! ~ RateMDs

I’ve been going to the midtown location and just switched to the Financial District because it’s closer to work.  The allergist met with me within 5 minutes of walking in the door.  Reviewed my history an started me on my first allergy shot. One month in and symptoms suppressed. Amazing.  ~ YELP

Dr Kaza diagnosed a problem I have had for past 6 years, within 10 minutes. We’re on an allergy treatment plan – allergy drops – that will hopefully work. She was thorough, great bedside manner, staff was friendly and helpful, appt was prompt and not rushed once I was in there. ~ ZocDoc

Originally sought care for food allergies. Diagnosis led to discovering bronchial inflammation present over a lifetime and undiscovered. Now breathing easier, asthma under control, blood pressure under control, sleeping patterns improved. Dr. Bassett saved my butt!! ~ Vitals

Dr. Bassett and his staff are awesome! I go there weekly for allergy shots now and they are welcoming, fast, and super helpful. I often need to change my regular time to adjust to my schedule and they are awesome. I’ve been late due to trains or my sons (or me) and they still let me get shots (I prefer this method). Dr. Bassett is incredibly thorough and takes time to explain test results. I cannot recommend this practice enough! ~ZocDoc

After suffering for years, I went to see Dr. Bassett and had a wonderful experience!  I am now able to enjoy Spring in NYC.  Great staff, convenient location, great doctors!  Highly recommended! ~ YELP

Dr Bassett and his staff were unbelievable. They went out of their way to help my allergy condition, calling other doctors, trying different allergy tests, giving me things to try at home etc. Dr Bassett has helped put a team of Doctor’s together to help me get over this. I couldn’t recommend him enough, a fantastic Doctor and office. ~ ZocDoc

Since moving to NYC I have suffered from horrible congestion, hives & rashes, and allergies that have limited my experiences in the city. After being treated by Dr. Bassett and his team I have been able to enjoy the city and the wonderful outdoor activities it has to offer. Thanks. Dr. Bassett! ~ RateMds

Dr. Bassett is an exceptional Allergist. He is very kind and cares about his patients. I would never consider any other allergist. I will recommend him to all my family and friends in NYC. ~ ZocDoc

I started immunotherapy for indoor and outdoor allergies at Dr. Bassett’s Park Avenue office back in April 2008. At that point, I was constantly congested, had acid indigestion every day, severe headaches and had 6 sinus infections over a period of 16 months… I basically couldn’t live my life: couldn’t fly, could hardly tolerate alcohol, etc… After starting the therapy, I began noticing my allergies weren’t as severe after 3-4 months and today (about 8 months later) I feel nearly allergy free. No congestion, headaches, stomach problems… and I think most impressive, not one sinus infection!

Before being referred to Dr. Bassett, I had been to many specialists over a period of several years, including 3 ENT’s, 1 allergist who told me I had no allergies!?!?!?, etc. I never thought I would feel so good again… in fact, I forgot how it felt to just feel normal! ~ YELP

I was seen quickly and the allergy appointment was very efficient while still feeling personal and thorough. Dr. Kaza spent time actually talking with me and asking questions while listening to my answers. She gave me options and considered the cost of various tests, which I really appreciated. The entire staff was so friendly and helpful. I was out of there in 45 minutes with a plan of attack for my intense allergies/ eczema. Highly recommend! ~ ZocDoc

For years I suffered from watery eyes, scratchy throat, and constant congestion. I had trouble enjoying the beautiful Spring weather because of my allergies. However, since being treated at Allergy & Asthma Care of New York I have finally have relief from my symptoms and can look forward to the spring in NYC. Amazing! ~ Vitals

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