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Spice Allergies

Another food allergy that is less known, and sometimes harder to detect, are spice allergies which occur in up to 2 percent of the population. Those with a greater risk for spice allergies include people with other types of allergies as well as those who work with food, for example, restaurant chefs, home cooks, factory and farm workers, and people who make or use certain cosmetic and home products that contain spices.

A large range of plant derived products are used as spices (dried seeds, fruits, root, bark) and herbs (leaves), often varying widely around the world and are used in various cuisines. Although spices and herbs are usually only added in small quantities to add flavor to foods, this may be sufficient to trigger adverse reactions.

It is possible to perform allergy testing to many spices.

Although spices are typically present in small amounts in a meal, severe and occasionally life threatening allergic reactions can result.

FYI: The most problematic spices for the allergic consumer appear to be celery, garlic, cinnamon, sesame. tumeric, onion, and mustard.

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