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The Worst Fall Allergy Cities of 2014

Urban areas also have a higher number of male plants — the pollinating kind — which can make allergies worse. “Men are the bad guys when it comes to the plants,” Dr. Bassett said. If you live in the “pollen belt” — the swath of the country that stretches from the southern Midwest to the Southeast — you might be experiencing extra seasonal symptoms this fall.  Read Dr. Clifford Bassett’s comments on Fall Allergy Cities here:

Fall Allergies: Nothing To Sneeze At!

Fall allergy season is in full swing here in New York City. This morning Dr. Bassett spoke with Al Roker over on The Weather Channel about the most common symptoms and treatments to help you enjoy the beautiful Fall weather symptom free! Click the image above to check out the video!

Dr Bassett Discusses Fall Allergies on The Weather Channel

Dr Clifford Bassett recently appeared on The Weather Channel to discuss Fall Allergies with Al Roker…
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