From the baseball mound to his wedding ceremony, Justin Verlander’s allergies have been problematic for as long as he can remember, affecting his personal life and athletic performance at times.

“When I first left for college, I suddenly started to get allergies so severe that I lost my voice for a week,” says the Houston Astros’ star-pitcher. “I was a mess,” he adds. “I experienced all of the staple symptoms of allergies — nasal congestion, watery eyes, sneezing, and itching.”

Over the years, seasonal allergies have affected other areas of Verlander’s life. Before his wedding last May, Verlander’s fiancée (now wife), supermodel Kate Upton, told Martha Stewart Weddings that despite her love of flowers, they had to include an alternative decorative element in their wedding. “Justin has terrible allergies,” said Upton. “He’ll have to take an allergy pill.”

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