Dr Bassett on Natural Sinus Allergy TreatmentToday I would like to talk a little bit about natural ways to treat your nasal and sinus allergies. Among the many options available to you, I recommend exploring the following approaches.

Natural Way to Treat Allergies: Acupuncture

Let’s start with acupuncture. Although it’s not exactly clear why, several recent studies have looked at acupuncture and how it may help alleviate allergy symptoms, especially if you start early and treat before symptoms begin. Some theorize that it may work by stimulating various meridians, which are pathways of energy flow in the body that may help control overactive immune responses to specific allergies.

Drink Hot Beverages to Clear Nasal Passages

Hot beverages is next. Just like a nice steam room or shower, holding your nasal passages near a cup of soup, tea or hot liquids can help allow your nasal and sinus passages to open up. In some studies, antioxidants present in various teas like green tea have been shown to perhaps assist in anti-inflammatory or allergy fighting capabilities.

Spice it up. That means chili, cayenne peppers that contain large amounts of capsaicin can be helpful. This active ingredient can help decongest your nasal and sinus passages. While spicy foods laced with chili peppers may trigger some immediate, mild discomfort, they may also provide a reduction in nasal congestion afterwards.

Remember, natural is often not better, and is generally combined in my practice with traditional, time proven nasal and sinus management strategies.

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