Dr Bassett on Common Rashes from Allergic Skin Reactions


Today, I’d like to discuss some common rashes caused by allergic skin reactions.

Swimmers Itch

Let’s start with water related triggers, such as ‘swimmer’s itch,’ which is caused by a parasite in freshwater. As the name indicates, it causes itching and while it generally resolves on its own, it can usually be controlled with over the counter remedies or medications.

Next in the summer hit parade are a family of tinea infections that cause ringworm, jock itch and athletes’ foot to name a few. This more commonly affects young children but certainly can affect adults as well.

Athlete’s foot is more likely seen in young men and is more easily treated by topical medications.

Skin Chafing

Another common rash is skin chafing, which although not serious in and of itself, may be caused by rubbing of the skin against skin or clothing. Lubrication and keeping dry can be helpful as well as looser fitting clothing.

Hives is a common condition that affect 5% or more of us at any time. It’s caused by a release of histamine that may be triggered by a variety of allergies and/or other conditions, including infection.

Common Skin Rashes: Hives

Frequently, hives may develop after skin contact with an allergen. Hives are also transient and often disappear quickly even without medications. When treated with medications, these are most often treated with antihistamines. Hives can often be treated successfully with oral antihistamines.

One type of hives is a physical hive know as cholinergic urticaria, which is brought on by physical exercise, heat exposure, stress or even after bathing. It can be triggered quickly and is often seen in young adults.

Impetigo is generally caused by skin infection and will often need an antibiotic to help resolve it.

Intertrigo, similar in nature, is a rash typically caused by skin folds close together and is often triggered by a reduced evaporation of sweat.

That was a little bit about common rashes you may experience. If you develop one and experience discomfort, don’t hesitate to consult with a dermatologist for proper treatment.

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