Dr Bassett on Pack an Anti-Allergy Summer KitI’m here today to talk a little bit about what you should include in an anti-allergy summer kit.

Nasal and sinus allergies can cause a lot of misery, especially during the summer when peak pollen levels can be quite high. Let’s review some essential items that you should have available this summer for effective anti-allergy control.

Nasal Saline Solutions

Nasal saline solutions, either a dropper bottle or a neti-pot can really assist in keeping your sinuses and nasal passages clear and clean, and they serve to help dilute and wash away pollens and molds. This will result in fewer and less severe allergy symptoms.

Anti-Itch Creams

Keep some over the counter hydrocortisone steroid cream to help with any skin rashes and mosquito bite reactions, especially during the prime biting times such as dawn and dusk.  Along with the anti-itch cream, keep an instant ice compress for rashes, bites and the like. This provides a rapid reduction in redness and itchiness associated with both bites and simple rashes, which will bring relief.

Insect Repellent

Keep insect repellent sprays for adults and children and lotions in your kit to provide real anti-bite protection from mosquitoes as well as ticks this summer. The two major types of repellents are chemicals, such as DEET, and natural products such as oil of lemon and eucalyptus.  Apply as directed – read the label – and wash them off when coming indoors.

It’s also a very good idea to include calamine lotion in your kit. This helps with minor skin irritations, bites, and plant-related rashes such as poison ivy. It can provide some soothing anti-itch comfort.

Epinephrine Auto Injectors

More than half a million of us in the US are treated each year in urgent care settings for a reaction to an insect sting from bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and even fire ants. Get a prescription for two epinephrine auto injectors if you have an allergy to stinging insects, and of course, keep it with you particularly during the warm summer months.

Band-aids and Adhesive Tape

Band-aids, adhesive tape, instant cold compresses, anti-infection creams as well as antiseptics for minor cuts and abrasions are all great items to have as well, especially when your kids are around.

If you suffer from allergies, have a pollen mask and/or non-latex rubber gardening gloves, which will really help you if you’re working in the garden to reduce your chance of getting plant dermatitis.

For the more than twelve million who have food allergies, keep safe snacks on hand and a list of what food ingredients to avoid when away from home.

You may wish to adjust the contents of your survival kit this summer to meet your exact needs.  Stay safe and try to be ready to prevent and control allergy related conditions.

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