Dr Bassett on Tips for Avoiding PollenToday, I’d like to provide you with some helpful tips for avoiding allergy misery from exposure to pesky pollens during the summer months.

Be aware of the pollen count and know what pollens you may be allergic to by simple in-office allergy skin tests, so you can plan ahead for summer outdoor activities.

Pollen Counts Lower by Water

As pollen counts are typically lower by a body of water, take your vacation at such places as beaches, rivers or lakes, especially during your peak allergy season.

On high pollen days, consider exercising indoors or perhaps later in the day when pollen levels are often lower. Take your allergy medications before going outside to prevent annoying symptoms.

Pollen Protection: Hat and Sunglasses

Wear a hat and big sunglasses to prevent pollen from landing on your hair or in your eyes. Don’t use hair gel and similar hair-care products that can act as a pollen magnet during the height of the allergy season.

Wash Hair at Night to Rinse off Pollen

Wash your hair at night to rinse away any pollen that may have landed there during the day. Avoid window fans to keep unwanted pollen from being blown into your home.  Allergy unfriendly plants and flowers include: many types of daisies, dahlias, sunflowers, Black-eyed Susan, zinnia, privet and even lilac.

Combining these strategies can help you reduce exposure, and in my patient practice, it really does help to reduce allergy misery all summer long.

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