Well the quick answer is maybe. It is estimated that up to one half of those who suffer with seasonal allergies to pesky tree, grass and weed pollens each year may succumb to “oral allergy syndrome”. That’s right! Due to a “cross-reaction” between proteins in fresh fruit, some vegetables, nuts (including hazelnut and almond which may be found in coffee beverages) and even spices, the immune system believes it may be under attack.

The verdict may be “oral allergy symptoms” such as tingling, itchiness of the lips, tongue, mouth and even throat after the ingestion of a various foods that trigger localized, largely mild, oral symptoms.

Can your flavored coffee drink worsen your seasonal allergies?

A partial list of spring time food triggers include:











The good news is that in many cases, when possible, simply peeling or cooking the fresh fruits can “knock out” the proteins responsible for these common and annoying symptoms that may also aggravate seasonal allergy symptoms. In many allergy sufferers this condition is chiefly manifested during the pollen season.

This illustrates the importance of getting allergist-directed care to properly manage your condition, especially as symptoms can be easily confused with a more serious, potentially life-threatening food allergies. Learn what your allergic triggers are before the “peak allergy pollen” season kicks in, each year.