Allergens can be lurking anywhere, but for millions of Americans it is the change of season that gets us. Dr. Bassett was recently invited on Fox Health News to test Dr. Manny Alvarez on his Seasonal Allergy IQ.

You can take the Seasonal Allergy IQ Quiz below and then watch the video to find out the answers:

1) Which kind of greenery does not cause Spring Allergies?

a) Trees

b) Grasses

c) Ragweed

2) If you are prone to allergies, the worst time to jog is…

a. Morning

b. Midday

c. Dusk

3) Which of the following increases allergens in your home?

a. Clutter

b. Wall-to-wall carpeting

c. Your pet

d. All of the above

4) Which of the following foods can amplify Spring Allergies?

a. Fruit & Vegetables

b. Wheat

c. Honey

5) If you use anti-allergy medications, it is ideal to take them…

a. Before allergy season begins

b. After your symptoms develop

c. Year round

6) The best way to cleanse the air in your home is by…

a. Running a window fan

b. Using a cool-air humidifier

c. Turning on the air conditioner