fox-news-imageWedding season is in full swing and we all know allergies and weddings don’t mix. If you want to avoid saying “A-choo!” instead of  “I do,” take a few minutes to plan ahead before the big day.

Here are some helpful tips to avoiding misery on what will be the happiest day of your life:

1. Watch the pollen count (pollen levels are usually higher in the early morning). Plan an indoor wedding if it coincides with peak spring and summer pollen season.

2. Pre-medicate before the big day to prevent itchy, red eyes and lots of sneezing.

3. Do a trial run with your makeup artist, or do a patch test to make sure you won’t break out from new makeup used on your wedding day.

4. Pack an allergy emergency kit for your honeymoon.

5. Faux candles work best, but if they aren’t an option, try scent-free natural candles, such as soy and/or beeswax.

6. Consider paper or silk flowers.

7. Choose a no- or low-fragrance flower for your wedding bouquet. The best flower choices include: daffodils, tulips, orchids, gladiolas, fuchsias, carnations, low-scent roses or tea roses, snapdragons and “double-flowered” baby’s breath.

8. Avoid scented flowers like peonies, lilies, gardenias, stargazers, freesias, daisies, dahlias and sunflowers. Watch out for the sap from lilies and alstromeria that can cause a nasty rash.

9. Various oils (ginger, bergamot, orange, lime, and grapefruit) used in aromatherapy or during a pre-wedding massage can provoke a rash, after your skin is exposed to the sun. Try to avoid these if at all possible.

These strategies should be the beginning of an allergy-free & healthy life together!

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